Friends of A&A BALLET is an opportunity to positively impact the lives of current and future dancers, in addition to playing a progressive role in changing the culture of America's education of today and tomorrow. This group combines the energy, talent, and ideas of all who support A&A BALLET on a personal, familial, corporate, or business level. We invite any individual or organization interested in helping out or making a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt or any other contribution to contact Alexei Kremnev, President and Director of A&A BALLET, by calling 312-545-2142 or emailing Thank you for helping us shape the future of ballet and arts education with your support, enthusiasm, and engagement!


Friends of A&A BALLET 2017-2018 season

Tanya and Michael Polsky - Creator, "Sugar Plum"

Z.J. Tong - Scene Director, "Beauty of China" 

Linda Nelson - Scene Director, "Transforming the Magic"

Gioia and Agata Zappani - Follower, "Shining Little Star"

Baker Lincoln HRD, LLC - Friend of A&A BALLET, "Believers"


A&A BALLET Parent Association Committees

Development - Megan Pratt

Marketing - Stacey Brown

Special Events, Gala 2018 - Linda Nelson, Heather Forbes, Carrie Yaworski, Ann Meulbroek, Shari McCormick, Lily Yang, Marla Feingold, Mara Winders

Merchandises - Gena Siruno-Roden, Anna Toledo