All programs at the A&A BALLET are meticulously designed with the student in mind to ensure a productive environment, prevent injury, promote excellence, and allow your time with the A&A BALLET to be as rewarding and fulfilling as possible.

We primarily offer our ballet and intensive programs in Chicago, but in Naperville The School of Performing Arts offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, and more.

Our curriculum serves the growth of students from their first encounters with music and movement to becoming accomplished dancers. This process of nurturing a child from Creative Dance to highly-structured ballet classes happens over a period of several years: Finely-tuned class levels stimulate confidence, discipline, and a deep love of dance.

The student’s optimal progress is at the heart of every decision made regarding everything from class placement and structure of classes to faculty assignments. Each level in the program is designed to develop a young dancer’s personality, coordination, technical mastery, mental acuity, placement, flexibility, and musicality. Every student is an individual who progresses at their own pace through the levels of our programs. 

A&A BALLET is also collaborating with CITY CLUB Gymnastics Academy to create "Conditioning and cross-training programing" to benefit young children and their approach to movements. Led by a 5 times World Champion Natalia Sklyarova-Yurchenko CITY CLUB is a new partner of A&A BALLET -