Alabaster Fund - Producer

Tanya and Michael Polsky - Creator 


Z.J. Tong - Scene Director


Linda Nelson - Scene Director


Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund - Inspirer

Karen Le Frak - Inspirer

Ronna and Dr. James Willis - Inspirer

Gioia and Agata Zappani - Inspirer

Amy Johncox - Inspirer

The Jaworski Family - Inspirer

Stephen and Heather Forbes - Inspirer


Littleton Claims Service, Inc - Friend of A&A BALLET

Baker Lincoln HRD, LLC - Friend of A&A BALLET

Black Swan Brand - Friend of A&A BALLET

Amy and Mark O'Toole - Friend of A&A BALLET


American Rhythm Center

410 S. Michigan Avenue, 3rd FL

Chicago, IL 60605

Tel 312-545-2142 

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