To be a global creative laboratory for young dance artists to explore a deeper understanding and empathy about diverse global and social issues. Through innovative workshops, presentations, and performances, talented young dancers create and share their work to inspire a culture of sustainability for future generations as well as strengthening personal artistry and creativity.


Why this project is needed:

“Imagining a different future is as much a challenge as it is a creative task. Culture, arts and creative work have the potential to inspire a critical view, revealing the imperfections of current approaches to sustainability and to facilitate envisaging a better future.” (European Alliance for the Arts)


Art offers a new platform for conversation and collaboration that extends beyond the limitations of words and geographic barriers. In this time of rapid change across our globe, this laboratory is designed for emerging and established artists to co-create for a new generation of audience. The resulting works will challenge perceptions and attitudes towards current global issues and frame new hope for Global Goals.



Dear Dancers, 


These are unsettling times.  We know this both as advocates for the dance community and as small business owners.  Uncertainty prevails.  However, we cannot allow ourselves to be paralyzed with fear.  As dancers, as creative souls, we must keep ourselves occupied with what we love; we must continue to create for the future of our global community.  Toward that end, we are offering dancers an opportunity for an online choreography competition.  There will be three age groups for the competition and the winner of each age group will received a scholarship of $1,000 toward any of A&A Ballet's programs for the summer of 2020. 


This choreography competition is an extension of our DIVE program, a program that emphasizes dance as a laboratory for the future of dance, a laboratory for works that display an understanding of and empathy for diverse global and social issues. 


We request that each submission be accompanied by a submission fee of $30.  However, given the financial anxiety of these days, you may request a waiver of the fee by submitting to us a short written description of your current financial hardship. There is no submission fee for current students of A&A Ballet. 


For details on the competition, submission dates, and requirements, please see the information below.


Sincerely and hopefully,


Alexei Kremnev and Anna Reznik

Founders and Directors, A&A Ballet



(Dance - Innovation - Visual - Expression) 


Award - $1,000* 

Age groups - 10-12, 13-16, 17-24.


How to participate? - Submit an introduction (1 min) with your personal statement. Create and submit a choreographic work (2 min) to info@aacenterfordance.org 

Styles of dance - Contemporary, Ballet 

Deadline for submission - April 26, 2020


Submission fee - $30 


*The winner of each age group will receive a scholarship of $1,000 toward any of A&A Ballet's programs for the summer of 2020


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