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A&A Ballet Princess



"It is no secret that Alexei is a wonderful teacher, talented choreographer, and a highly skilled coach. But his ultimate gift is his passion and true love for the art of dance, which he shares with every single student and professional dancer he works with. His many years as a Jury member and a master teacher at YAGP demonstrate just how much he has to offer to the ballet world - and we could not be more excited for both Alexei and Anna as they embark on this new journey." 

- Larissa Saveliev, Founder and Artistic Director, YAGP


“For more than a decade, Anna Reznik and Alexei Kremnev have set the gold standard for dance education in Chicago. Bolshoi, Cincinnati, Joffrey and now A&A Ballet! This pair of truly extraordinary artists and entrepreneurs have created the premiere center for world-class dance in the Midwest.”

- Christopher Clinton Conway, Founder & Principal at Philanthropic Counsel, LLC, former President & Executive Director of the Joffrey Ballet 


"Alexei Kremnev’s choreography is refreshing, unique, and creative. I am very excited he will be coming to UNCSA in 2017 to stage his whimsical Carnival of the Animals, which promises to be a crowd pleaser for our audiences, and a wonderful experience for our students." 

- Susan Jaffe, a great American ballerina, Artistic Director of American Ballet Theatre,

former Dean of the School of Dance at the University of NCSA


"An extraordinary achievement, you are both amazing artists. It was my honor to witness your artistry firsthand,

and also see the results you got out of your students."

- Raymond Lukens, former American Ballet Theatre Curriculum Program Director  


"Relocating to train with Anna and Alexei at 11 years old was a critical decision for my ballet career. At a young age, they ingrained a strong work ethic that has carried me throughout my pre-professional and professional career. Ballet not only requires a lot of hard work from the student but also requires vigilant teachers to observe and correct the student. Anna and Alexei paid attention to the smallest details and pushed me to reach my maximum potential both technically and artistically. I cannot thank them enough for the strong foundational training and support that they provided to me."

 - Isabella LaFreniere, former student, Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet, recipient of the 2013 Mae L. Wien Award.


"Thank you both for everything you taught Mia. Her class of kids literally grew up under your supervision. Whatever they achieve as adults will be in no small part due to your work with them. Thank you for being such terrific role models." 

- Beth Fulkerson, dance student's parent


"So many of us who wouldn't be where we are today without you both...I hope many other students will have

the benefit of your training in the years ahead!" 

- Michael Sayre, former student from age 9, dancer with BalletMet Columbus 


"If it were not for you, I would not be where I am at today - I truly mean that. I cannot thank you enough, you both have given me so much incredible training and support and I owe you both tremendously.

There are no words to explain how much this year has meant to me." 

- Tess Voelker, former student, dancer with Nederlands Dans Theater, Netherlands


"You and Anna have inspired me more than you know."

 - Christopher Perricelli, dance teacher, Chicago


"There is so much ugliness in the world, but time and again, your work has given me reason

to hold on to the hope that beauty really does win in the end."

 - Patty Sayre, audience member


"Keep on inspiring! The passion and discipline you both teach is a gift that we are able to utilize inside

as well as outside the studios. I feel fortunate to have experienced that."

- Franky Barajas, former student


"You trained and nurtured so many beautiful and respectful young artists. I am so grateful to have worked with you and watch the school grow and flourish over the years. Your talents as teachers, choreographers, and artists will thrive anywhere." 

- Megan Philipp, dance teacher, Los Angeles


"Working with Alexei and Anna was definitely a huge step forward in my career. The two of them are the best teachers and coaches I've ever had. Training with them, I have grown from a dance student to a dancer, physically and mentally. Also, I loved to dance in all Alexei's choreography. I got stronger and am more of a performer from doing the roles.  They helped me become who I am today as a professional dancer." 

- Jia Sun, former student, dancer with Dresden Semperoper, Germany


"I will always cherish the time I was lucky enough to study with you and Anna. The both of you truly inspired me to push myself to be the dancer and person that I am today. I often think that I wish I could go back to the good old days studying with you. I can’t thank you enough for everything. I know that you will be spreading your light and knowledge wherever you choose to go next. Truly so thankful."

 - Alexandra Pullen, former student, dancer with American Ballet Theatre and Colorado Ballet


"Anna and Alexei were pivotal teachers during my school years. They taught me how to be diverse and open to all kinds of styles, the importance of being a quick study, and most of all they showed me that a career in ballet was possible with hard work, dedication, and confidence. While many teachers focus on their students standing out in solo work, they also taught me the importance of being a team player and mastering the art of corps de ballet work. I have been fortunate enough to have performed solo and principal roles with the Joffrey Ballet, but the dedication and beauty of the corps de ballet is something that I continue to try to pass along to my students and colleagues alike. A&A's balance and mix of strict classical technique alongside Alexei's more contemporary movement makes for well rounded and experience dancers. In giving their dancers as much performance experience as possible, and the chance to participate in the creation of world premiers, they give their students unique and valuable experience that helps prepare them for company life. I am so grateful to Anna and Alexei for the knowledge and artistry that they have shared with me, during my days as a student, and as a professional." 

- Amber Neumann, former student for 5 years, former leading dancer with the Joffrey Ballet,

first Joffrey Academy graduate to join the Joffrey Ballet



"Training with Alexei and Anna was a perfect transition after graduating school. Their knowledge and great coaching

helped me to succeed in the professional life I had always dreamed of." 

- Marie Varlet, former student, Paris Opera Ballet School graduate, dancer with Ballet Zurich and Royal New Zealand Ballet



"Working with Anna and Alexei at The Joffrey Ballet Studio Company's 2015/2016 Season, was truly inspiring. Under their tutelage, they gave me opportunities to dance lead roles in several productions as well as dancing with the main company, The Joffrey Ballet. I have grown technically and matured artistically, with the training and personal coaching I received from them. Their nurturing support means a lot to me and I feel so fortunate and grateful to have worked with them."

- Derek Drilon, former student, dancer with Boston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet

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