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"A & A Ballet is one of those places with the gift of turning raw talent into prodigious proficiency" - City Pleasures 

"The show is incredible" - Fandads 

"Splendidly showcasing an impressively talented cast, chock-full of precision in attitudes, dexterous ballonés, effortless extensions, and fearless fish dives" - Splash Magazine 

"Spring arrived early in the form of A&A Ballet’s superior ‘Sleeping Beauty’ fairy tale spectacle" - - Splash Magazine

Production credits:


World Premiere - Imperial Ballet, Maryinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, January 15, 1890

Composer - Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Choreography and Conception - Alexei Kremnev and Anna Reznik

Lighting and Projection Designer - Cat Wilson

Projection Illustrations - Gustave Dore

Costumes - Lisa Weller. Carolyn Fay, Laura Skarich

Children's Cast Rehearsal Assistant: Carol Dilts

Make-up - Jill Glaser

A new spin on this timeless classic. Experience the premiere of A&A BALLET's retelling of The Sleeping Beauty.

Best family entertainment for ages 4 and up! 

Cursed by a wicked fairy, the newborn Princess Aurora is fated to die from a prick to her finger on her sixteenth birthday. A good fairy intervenes to alter the wicked fairy’s tragic spell: instead of dying, Princess Aurora, and her entire kingdom, will fall into a deep sleep. Only true love’s kiss will unleash the power to awaken her and the rest of her kingdom.

This pinnacle of classical dance is heralded as ballet’s most sumptuous and artistically exacting masterpiece.

Both the regal visual splendor and Tchaikovsky’s monumental score will enchant the entire family.

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