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Production credits:


World Premiere - Next Generation Dance Company, Cincinnati, 2002

Music - Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Khachaturian, Villa-Lobos

Choreography and Conception - Alexei Kremnev 

Rehearsals Director - Anna Reznik 

Lighting and Projection Designer - Becky Nussbaum, Alex J. Gendal

Costumes - Laura Skarich

Make-up - Jill Glaser

What does it mean to be real?  Inspired by the original Italian tale of 1883, this much-loved fairy tale follows

the mischievous and charming wooden puppet, Pinocchio, as he pursues his dream of being a real boy. 

We accompany him as he learns the life-lessons that make one real.

A perfect ballet for audiences of all ages, we celebrate his concluding realization that “I am who I am because I’m me.”  

A & A Ballet invites you to its production of Pinocchio. Colorful costumes, tender characters, delightful storytelling: all work together to bring to life the story of the stumbling and endearing Pinocchio as he pursues an obstacle-filled

adventure that, in the end, reminds us all that dreams can come true.  The production is child-friendly; it has

two acts and lasts approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes, including a fifteen-minute intermission.


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