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Welcome to the A&A BALLET Video Audition Submission page. Please follow these instructions carefully as each step is crucial to us receiving and cataloging your submission

  • Click the button below to pay the $30 audition fee. On the link you can pay via PayPal or Credit Card.

  • Check your email and copy the Transaction ID # from Paypal on the top right of the email. See image below.

  • Click on Add File and browse to the video file on your computer.

  • Enter your email address

  • Enter Transaction ID#, Parent, and Student Name/Age in the Video Audition Upload Box to the right.

  • Audition videos may be as short as five minutes and less than 200mb

    • must include barre, center, allegro (age and skillset appropriate)

    • may include Classical Variation and/or Contemporary solo  

  • Click Submit  OR

  • You can also e-mail your video to directly. 

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