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All items are Ballet Rosa Brand and can be purchased at Allegro Dance Boutique (Evanston)*

All items are also available through their online store

Ballet skirts are custom-made for A&A Ballet and can only be found at Allegro Dance Boutique (Evanston)

(please ask a sales associate for assistance; skirts will be on the sales floor)


* Allegro Dance Boutique is the official supplier of the A&A Ballet uniform





  • Creative Dance, Pre-Ballet -  Cosette Dress in French Rose

  • Ballet I -  Cosette Dress in Parme

  • Ballet II -  Cosette Dress in Aqua

  • Ballet III -  Yolanda Leotard in French Blue, custom mesh skirt in Noir

  • Ballet IV -  Yolanda Leotard in Royal, custom mesh skirt in Noir

  • Ballet V -  Yolanda Leotard in Marine, custom mesh skirt in Noir

  • Ballet VI – Yolanda Leotard in Marine, custom mesh skirt in Noir

  • Conservatory Yolanda Leotard in Noir, custom mesh skirt in Noir

  • Youth Company – Yolanda Leotard in Noir, custom mesh skirt in Noir


✫ Light Pink tights, pink canvas ballet shoes, and pink pointe shoes (dancer’s preference)

✫ Ballet III - Youth Company, has Character class and will need a Character skirt and shoes (dancer’s preference)

✫ Dancers participating in Contemporary class must-have socks and shorts in any color or style (dancer’s preference)



MEN'S/BOYS (may continue to wear the uniform from last season due to low enrollment of men/boys)


  • Ballet III and above -  Germaine Fitted V-Neck Shirt in White, Martin Convertible Tights in Black

  • Ballet II and below -   Paule Fitted Crew Neck Shirt in White, Avelino Dance Short in Black


✫ Black ballet shoes (dancer’s preference)

✫ Dancers that have Character class will need Black jazz shoes (dancer’s preference)

✫ Dancers  participating  in  Contemporary  class  must  have  socks  in  any  color  or  style (dancer’s preference)



Dancers in Level V Unlimited, VI, Conservatory, and Youth Company may wear any style and color leotard in their Saturday classes ONLY.


Adult Ballet students are required to wear ballet shoes (canvas split-sole preferred).  Clothing items are personal preferences.  We only ask that clothing items not restrict movement and that the instructor can see the body (no baggy clothing).  Items worn have varied from leotards, tank tops, fitted t-shirts, athletic shorts, and leggings.

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