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Make OUR audience YOUR audience!

Thank you for your interest and support of A&A BALLET.  By purchasing an ad in The Art Deco Nutcracker Playbill, you are investing in the continued growth of A&A BALLET, as well as the growth of your business. Your business will have great visibility to patrons who value the arts, and these same patrons support businesses that support the arts. 

Please direct any questions to Gena Siruno, Manager of A&A BALLET, at

2 ad sizes:

  • Full page  (4.5”w x 7.5” h) - $300

  • ½  Page (4.5”w x 3.625”h)- $200


Types of ads:

  • Standard Ad (text only)

  • Display Ad (Graphic and text)

    • Must be submitted to size and file specifications*

    • Acceptable ad files: PDF, JPEG, PNG (300 dpi)


- All ads and information will be produced in black & white

- A&A BALLET does not create the ads.  If you are in need of assistance in creating

your ad, please contact Harpoon Design at with any ad production questions.


Ad Submission-

Please submit your ad via email at


Deadline -

The last day of Ad Submission is Monday, November 25th, 2019


*High-Resolution Image Dimensions 

 Please note, all images should be in 300 DPI (dots per inch).



Width:  2120 pixels    (7.067 inches, 300 dpi) 

Height: 3176 pixels    (10.587 inches, 300 dpi)


Width:  2120 pixels    (7.067 inches, 300 dpi)

Height: 1548 pixels    (5.16 inches, 300 dpi)


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